Série de performances filmées lors d'une résidence au Textílsetur de Blonduos en Août 2016 :


One said that a ghost haunted the former college of Blonduos, become the textile center. One said that we hear at night some noise in the weaving looms...

After an investigation, it appears that this is in reality a Minotaure escaped from one artist`s obsession.
Iconoklastes is textile designer and performer, she began a research about her alter ego figure, the Minotaure. She will create an installation to dance with, next autumn.
During her residency In Blonduos she did research about costumes, patterns, felt mask and propose 5 films as insantaneous fleeting, that attempt to capture the appearance of monstrous and savge nature, influenced by the Icelandic landscapes.

Special thanks for helping me to realise these films :
Marie-charlie PIGNON (Film director for France) Nidiya KUSMAYA( Film director for Asia) Maxime NOILOU (special production assistant) Ceyda OSKAY (special sounds effects)